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Circle President : Com. K.A.Mohire,  Mobile :-9422050008  Email: kmohire123@gmail.com;









EDITOR: Com. A.G. JOSHI, CIRCLE SECRETARY, MOBILE NO.9422039222, EMAIL : jarun63@gmail.com

  <<<   E D I T O R I A L - AUGUST -15  >>> 

08.10.2015 Status of ACRs for promotion from DE(T)/AGM to DGM(T):

The executives, who are to be considered as per eligibility for promotion to DGM (T) is attached herewith The details of APARs not received year wise also mentioned for inf. pl All the Circle Office Bearers / Branch Secretaries are requested to pursue for sending the pending ACRs at the earliest for conducting the CPC. The details of APARs not received year wise also mentioned for inf. Pl

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                                        [Blank - Available, NA - Not available]

07.10.2015 .                                                 MEETING WITH DIR (HR)

A meeting was held with the representatives AIBSNLEA under the chairmanship of Director (HR). From management side GM (Pers), GM (Estt), Addl GM (SR), Jt. GM (Pers), DGM (Admn.), DGM (Estt.) were present along with Director (HR) and from AIBSNLEA side, GS, FS, AGS (HQ), were present in the meeting. We requested Dir (HR) to review the progress on the agenda items of the earlier meetings held on 15.09.2015, 16.07.2015 and 04.08.2015. Records of discussion on the issues is as under:


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Operator wise market share as on 31/07/15

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07.10.2015 On 6th October 2015 an executive meeting of telecom factory branch was attended by CS. Executive meeting was starTed at 5:30 evening and meeting was concluded at 20:30. Com Pawar DS TF Mumbai welcome CS and submitted detail activities of TF Mumbai branch Transfers of executives in TF  DPC related issues JTO TF to SDE TF was discussed in detail. Functional promotion along with time bound matter was explained by CS in interactive session All Chq related issues were discussed in detail and very live inter-active session with CS  on different issues and especially on posting of account personnel at TF was the main issue under the agenda Issue of non receipt of money on account of  production of OFC pipe non acceptance of ATD by MH Circle raised by TF and lacks of rupees blocked due to this issue was also discussed.   The issue of PA to PS promotion against the 33% quota was also discussed.

Meeting was ended with vote of thanks and presidential speech by branch president.

06.10.2015 CONGRATULATIONS - CIRCLE OFFICE ISSUED LOOKING AFTER ARRANGEMENT FROM JAO TO AO << CLICK HERE FOR COPY >>.  We Extend our sincere thanks to Sr. G.M. (F) and her team for posting the JAOs on as is where is basis, which has saved revenue of BSNL.
06.10.2015 BSNL CO has called for details regarding JTOs promoted against supernumery post and their seniority thereof in order to file a reply in OP No: 726/2015 filed by Shri. K. Maxmillan & Ors Vs BSNL before Hon'ble High Court, Ernakulam. 

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Disable friendly examination centers for candidates with disability -- court order of chief commissioner for persons with disabilities

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BSNL CO has issued orders extending the benefit to the members of BTEU who are applicants in OA/2684/2015.                                               <<<  Click For Letter  >>>

A Single Emergency Number 112 will be operative very soon.

At present various emergency numbers as special services are in existence, such as 100, 101, 102 and 108. Now a single emergency number will be introduced in the place of all these above numbers. TRAI has proposed to introduce 112 as the single emergency number, which has been accepted by the DoT. The existing emergency numbers will continue for some time as secondary numbers. When these numbers are dialed, they will be re-routed to 112. The secondary numbers will be closed in a phased manner.


Citing Para 11 d of BSNL Transfer Policy in response to query from CTD, Personnel Section of BSNL CO has clarified that 1) The long stay list prepared by CTD Circle must contain the names of only those officers who are presently working in CTD. No officer who is not under the administrative control of CTD should figure in this list. 2) CTD being a territorial circle, while computing Station/SSA/ circle tenure, any stay in non-territorial Circle within the territorial jurisdiction of the Circle shall also be counted.

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01.10.2015 BSNL Corporate Office issued clarifications regarding Pay anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale w.e.f. 01.01.2007 on implementation of 2nd PRC  <<Click here for order>>


United Forum of Executives Associations writes to CMD, BSNL regarding framing of Direct DGM RR with intention to recruit inferior candidates from targeted group and completely debarring the internal candidates possessing all the qualifications, talent and experience at higher side - our submission for thorough examination and investigation     <<Click here for letter>> 


GS writes to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL regarding "Hungama" service to BSNL customers on Broadband <<Click here for letter>>


It is a practice, that the BSNL corporate office allots funds, as per the requests of employees for GPF advances, month wise. Then raise the requirement towards DOT for reimbursement. It is understood from corporate office, that the DoT is not making timely reimbursement of the amount spent by BSNL, for paying GPF advances. It is learnt that an amount of Rs. 890 crores is thus outstanding from the DoT till date. hence employees are not paid GPF advance in the month of September, since Corporate Office did not allot funds to circles for the same.


BSNL corporate office writes to all CGMs for placing their demands for remaining  period of Fiscal year 15-16     <<< Click for Letter >>>


BSNL corporate office writes to all CGMs for submitting the data of employees who have joined BSNL on or after 01/08/2014 for their enrollment in group insurance Scheme offered by LIC of India

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A message by Director (HR) BSNL                                                 <<<<< Message >>>>



01.10.2015 78.2% IDA MERGER -  STILL A LONG LONG WAY TO GO !!!

GS, AIBSNLEA,   GS and  President AIRBSNLEWA met the concerned officers in DoT yesterday and discussed regarding 50% IDA Merger amounting to 78.2% IDA fitment benefit to pre 01.01.2007 and post 01.01.2007 BSNL pensioners. It is understood that some of the queries (which were statistical) of DoE have been replied by the Internal Finance of DoT and remaining (Justification part) are left for reply by the Pension Cell of DoT. The case has been received in the Pension Cell from Internal Finance of DoT.

Queries raised by DOE, 1) Regarding waiver of BSNL’s liability apart from payment of pension contribution as determined by Dept. Of Expenditure/ COS/ Cabinet Decision dated 27/1/2005 in contravention of / in pursuance of provisions made in Rule 37-A of CCS Pension Rules 1972 2)Related to  the Pensions paid/ Pensioner’s data of DoT Pensioners/ deemed DoT Pensioners w.e.f. 1/10/2000 onwards, its financial implications for the Govt. of India, 3) Details of any loans extended by DOT to BSNL over last 15 years, 4) Financial viability of BSNL/ whether BSNL was in loss mode and reasons thereof and 5) Why should Govt. of India bear responsibility for non-performance/ loss making of BSNL, 6) Status of Pension Revision in other PSUs, 7) Implications of 50% IDA Merger for MTNL Pensioners,  and 8)Also sought detailed justification from DoT along with the additional  grounds on which waiver is being sought now after  proposing/ moving Cabinet Note specifying  Pension Liability on part of BSNL  as determined earlier vide Cabinet Decision dated 27/1/2005.

During discussions it was pointed out by them that additional Pension liability imposed on BSNL by Dept. Of Expenditure/ COS/ Cabinet Decision dated 27/1/2005 was   in contravention of provisions made in Rule 37-A of CCS Pension Rules 1972 but Deptt. Of Expenditure viewed these provisions to be made in pursuance of Rule 37-A of CCS Pension Rules 1972,

Regarding loans extended by Govt. of India/ DoT  to BSNL,    no loan has been given to BSNL from DoT except the Notional/ hypothetical  loan of Rs. 7500/- Crores (Paper Loan only) against which BSNL has paid interest amount @ 14.5 % to DoT about Rs. 12,000/- Crores and refunded the hypothetical loan in cash after repeated requests to  DoT to free BSNL from the liability of hypothetical loan.

As per DoE, the 60% pension liability of BSNL Pensioners as per the existing provisions of January 2005 order should continue since DoT was run as a commercial organization and  all the assets of the then DoT/DTS/DTO were transferred to BSNL. However, in true sense, the liabilities of DoT  have been transferred to BSNL but the assets have not been transferred to BSNL. Many constraints were imposed upon BSNL, which hindered its financial viability and growth.

Regarding pension revision in other PSUs, it was pointed out that apart from BSNL and MTNL, IDA Pension was paid by Govt. to employees of Food and Civil Supplies Department absorbed in Food Corporation of India, and the same was being revised periodically. In other PSUs like Port Trust of India, and LIC etc. pension was being paid through TRUST and it was being revised periodically.

Regarding 50% IDA Merger for MTNL Pensioners, the issue has not arisen so far because this has not yet been extended to MTNL Employees. The case for MTNL Pensioners shall arise only after extending the benefit of 50% IDA Merger for MTNL Employees.

Detailed justification for 60:40 waiver of Pension liability is proving to be a  tough nut to crack, and the main justification with DoT lies in the fact that DoT has consistently maintained even under earlier Cabinet Note of 2004-05 that responsibility of Pension Payment under Rule 37-A lies with the Govt. of India and payment of Pension cannot be denied or held up due to financial status of BSNL.

01.10.20151ST OCTOBER – let us make a vow of building a TEAM for our BSNL


We, on behalf of AIBSNLEA MH Circle, and on my personal behalf, wish to all followers, fans, employees of BSNL, customers, business partners, channel partners, and all INDIANS A Very Happy BSNL DAY.


Comrades, let us make a vow of building a team for BSNL for the development, prosperity, and improve the Indian economy the digital India through BSNL.


TEAM means, TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE., as per Mary. Lou Retton, the gold medal gymnastic in 1984 Olympics. Individuals score runs but teams wins game. The base route foundation of this team script is Positive believing. Everybody always speaks about positive thinking but this terminology of positive believing is beyond the positive thinking. Positive believing adds a new dimension which brings your heart in the picture, to give you the feelings and passion and that leads from changing the feelings of having a Job to Job’s having you. It means, developing of feelings of belongingness.


It is a practice to measure an IQ of individual while selecting the person to a job but in addition to it if we can access the EI, that is emotional intelligence, then it is an add on features. The EI brings energy, self control, discipline, and other success quality, and helps individual a much higher level of accomplishment. The most important thing of this EI is the coworkers immediately and instinctively picked up the pace; hence the value of the employee having more EI with IQ increases in company and goes beyond the extra- miler and personal productivity.


Far too many people have no idea about what they can do, as all of them were being told that what they cannot do. They do not know what they want as they were never been told, what is available for them. Let us take action the first step towards growth. Let us take a responsibility, of making BSNL to prosperand excel our best to keep BSNL flag high and high.


BSNL Zindabad

29/09/2015   Sh. M.A. Khan, ED(NB) and Chairman Committee on E2 & E3 pay scales for JTO & SDE equivalent executives & CPSU Cadre Hierarchy has submitted its recommendations to the Competent Authority. The respective sections, of BSNL Corporate Office, i.e. Estt. Cell and Restructuring Cell respectively will process the cases to the Competent Authority for approval. After the approval of Competent Authority on committee report, the report will be sent to BSNL Management Committee for approval & thereafter to BSNL Board for approval. After the approval of the BSNL Board, the Committee recommendations will be send to DoT for consideration and approval and thereafter the committee recommendations will be implemented.


This process may take minimum 4 to 5 months if every things goes smooth. On both the issues, the official side members i.e. GM(Estt.) and GM(EF) has given the dissent note. AIBSNLEA efforts will continue to get implemented the committee report.

Click below for the Joint Committee recommendations on the agenda of


a) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy


b) First TBP uniformly after 4 years to remove the anomaly


<<<Joint Committee recommendation>>>  

<<<<<Dissent Note given by GM(Estt)>>>  

<<<Dissent Note given by GM(EF)>>>

28.9.2015BSNL Corporate Office sought furnishing of details thereof pay anomaly due to implementation of EPP - interplay between time bound pay up-gradation and post based promotion All DS/DPS are requested to pursue and keep follow up in progress of such cases if any in your SSA to circle office with a copy to mail jarun63@gmail.com 


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28.9.2015General Body of AIBSNLEA Nashik SSA, was held on 26/09/2015 at TRC Club, Canada Corner Nashik. Meeting was addressed by CS, CP, ACS (F), and Com V P Kulkarni, Ex CS of AIBSNLEA MH Circle. Circle secretary elaborately discuss all CHQ issues, JTO –SDE DPC, and Its court case status, Status of SDE –DE, DE – DGM, DPC and its status as well as DPC in AO-CAO, CAO –DGM (F), DPC in Civil Electrical wing, Degree- Diploma issue and its related court matter status, Circle issues related with transfer and posting in SDE, DE L/A on requests, Tenure transfers, biased attitude of Administration, and downtrend of Maharashtra Circle under non productive approach of Head of the Family toward developmental issues, HR issues.


Com Bhosale S.S. ACS (F) expressed his pleasure about getting new JAOS to the Marathwada , Vidharbha region and gave thanks to Sr GM (F) for considering maximum requests in recent orders of finance wing.


Circle President expressed his concern about the financial crunch at Circle and CHQ level for releasing the funds for day to day expenditure, for payment of GPF amount and thank CMD for his intervention for early settlement of liabilities.


Com V P Kulkarni expressed the need of Unity to face the challenges in future.


District president dissolves the old body and New set of office bearers were elected unanimously. Com S D Awhad  as DP  Com. P D Bagade as DS and Com R P Patil as FS are being elected.


Meeting started at 17:45 Hrs and Concluded at 20:30

24.9.2015                                          CROCODILE TEARS


Comrades, we are very much thankful to BSNL corporate Office Pers. Cell for their kind consideration of the requests for retention/cancellation of transfers of executives of Maharashtra. Corporate Office is well aware of the facts, especially about administration of Maharashtra Circle, proved for its indifferent approach towards one executive Association, in dealing their HR Cases. by applying delay tactics, in forwarding their requests, to proper authorities for their settlements, and promptness in disposing the cases of  the other Association. Comrades, it is not the first time that corporate office has given retention/cancellation of transfer of executives of Maharashtra circle only. But also extend the benefit to other circles also depending on merit of the cases.  Case of Sholapur( transfer order to Asam pending from 2011)get cancelled recently, case from Pune, Transfer order to hard tenure (order pending since 2012) got change of station to WTR still kept pending up to midyear of June 15, Transfer order issued directly by corporate Office  in the cadre of DE to NGN Circle without comments of Circle. An ITS officer retention to Pune also been done by corporate office based on his request.


Maharashtra Circle is somewhat CHOOSEE extending the same kindness to the executives belonging to specific group, by not reliving them through ERP, ( extension for retention to an executive of architect wing by denying others) keeping and dropping names from long stay list, (CIRCLE OFFICE), Not issuing reliving order months together for the Executives in circle Office under Admin section dealing with L & B activities, to hard tenure, and issuing reliving order to Asam, of an executive from Satara within 15 days even knowing the fact that he is not in the first ten long stay list, changing of willingness at Circle level without recommendation of SSA head case of Nashik and getting order issued by passing waiting list to NGN section is also a  type of kindness already exhibited by Circle administration and it is witnessed by all comrades of Maharashtra in past. This is well known facts of Maharashtra Circle administration. Corporate Office knows about it from the litmus taste of ITPC Order (keeping Willingness  application months together without any action and comments)


In DE L/A order willingness was called from the eligible officers and an officer from Satara has given his willingness to Pune at own cost and his retention order was issued up to 31/03/16 that is more than 180 days. His juniors are doing L/A in DE cadre and there is no vacancy at Satara in DE cadre, hence as per rule the officer senior to them must get his L/A at Pune. It is not gimmick it is a right of an employee and it is bound duty of any service union, association is bound to see welfare of employee irrespective of its membership, that is why we do not raise objection in case of an officer of DGM level when he get back to Nashik prior to his completion of tenure. The said officer has came in the interest of service to circle office in the interest of service with TA/DA he has to return to BSNL for going back to Nashik.


Comrades, we should not make mockery if somebody requests for retention/cancellation to corporate office on genuine ground such as medical of its own or dependent family member for retention/cancellation of transfer from one place to another station.  We appeal to all comrades of Maharashtra BSNL, that AIBSNLEA is the only Association always take care of Members welfare and struggle for their rights.


So it is Better flatter a fool than fight him


BSNL Circle Office Mumbai After lapse of one month endorsed orders for retention of SDE under transfer to NETF Circle up to of 31/03/2016 at Satara in Maharashtra Circle. 

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22.9.2015    CS writes to CGM, MH Circle ---  It is very painful, and regrets to inform you about the anarchy, in Administration of Circle office dealing with HR section of Executives. It is very sorry to state you that in spite of several letters addressed to your good self, reciprocation is a big zero. Biased dealings in resolving HR issues, by Circle administration towards AIBSNLEA MH members has created and kindled the unrest in the minds of Oppressed executive fraternity, embezzlement of the records without prior approval, may lead towards the degenerating industrial harmony. Opacity, scantiness, biased approached towards the points raised by this Association is deprecatory to the glory earned through their disciplines by ancestor monarchs of Circle administration.    <<< Click for letter >>>

21.9.2015                        JAGO BSNL COMRADES JAGO


    AIBSNLEA is the only Association takes CARE of the employees of BSNL



READ the STORY How the BSNL Employee was kept in Dark regarding his/her right of Pension. WE have to vanquish the deceitful trick and find out the dark horse. Who is the back stabber?

Please go through the following details, think, and react. AIBSNLEA has strip away the shady move.


                    60:40 Pension sharing decision ---- Must be withdrawn


This decision is necessary for BSNL pensioners’ security on or before 01/10/2000

On revelation of the existence of the Cabinet Memo on 60:40 decision in 2005 itself, Com. AGS, AIRBSNLEWA,  Sh Amit Kumar Gupta submitted three RTI applications. Two application were addressed to Sh S L Meena, Director (Budget ) and one application was addressed to Sh Prachis Khanna, Director (Estt.) DOT asking documents related to such approval reply of which is awaited.


 SR NO 1                               <<Read the applications>> 


Documents as asked for has since been supplied by the Director (Budget), which reveals the unknown facts about the 60:40 pension sharing decision by the Cabinet in January 2005 itself. It may be recalled that through the earlier documents received through earlier RTI, it was understood that Cabinet approval on 60:40 was taken only in January 2011. 95 pages of documents received now, most of which are marked secret, are being placed below chronologically for information of all concerned. (Employees, Pensioners, Leaders of Union/Associations, BSNL management etc).

On 29-10-2004, DoT prepared a draft cabinet note for approval of the cabinet in which it was mentioned that the pension liability will be with Government and BSNL will pay the pension contribution as per FR 116. This cabinet note was strongly objected by Department of Expenditure (DOE). The note was placed before the cabinet on 24-11-2004, where it was not approved but decided to place the memo to the committee of secretaries (COS) and further examine the issue along with recommendation of COS.


      SR NO 2                        <<  Draft Cabinet Memo 24-10-2004>>


      SR NO 3                        << Annexure 1 to this memo>>


    Comprising the cabinet memo Dt 25-09-2000 regarding formation of BSNL.


     SR NO 4                                  << Annexure 2 >> 


   Approval of Cabinet dt 27-09-2000 to the memo dt 25-09-2000.


  SR NO 5                              << Annexure 3 >> 


Gazette notification of Rule 37A,Pension contribution rates and views of various departments.


  SR NO 6                              <<annexure 4 &5>>


Subsequently COS comprising secretaries of Telecom and Expenditure along with the Cabinet Secretary met on 14-12-2004 and decided to recommend 60:40 pension sharing system. 


 SR NO 7                        <<the minutes of the meeting>>   


Accordingly  the Cabinet note dated 14-1-2005 was prepared proposing the 60:40 pension sharing and the Cabinet  gave its approval on 27-1-2005. Read 


 SR NO 8                         <<the Cabinet Memo dated 14-1-2005>> 


Further the Deputy Secretary (Cabinet) wrote to DoT to supply them the orders in pursuance of the decision of the Cabinet. DoT complied and replied to them. Before that a meeting was held on 21-02-2005 between CMDs of BSNL & MTNL with Secy DoT and after that CMD BSNL wrote a DO to Secretary DoT on 24-02-2005 which was replied on 15-03-2005 Read carefully.


 SR NO 9                                       <<the related documents>>


On 15-06-2006, DoT for the first time made public the decision of 60:40 pension sharing but not mentioned that this was a decision of the cabinet. On which all Associations and Unions protested. The decision of DoT related to situation developed after 16-06-2006 is reflected in a 4 page document (note sheets). Report of the committee on issues raised by BSNL Union also may be read.


 SR NO 10                                 << referred documents>> 


Careful study of at least the main documents (excluding the annexure) uploaded will certainly reveal the seriousness of the situation. Viewers may read the documents and decide for themselves, whether the situation is such that the BSNL pensioners can sleep comfortably and there is no problem whatsoever on their pension????

16.9.2015                        ""     HAPPY GANESH CHATHURTHI  TO ALL .""

14.9.2015 Com Prahlad Rai  GS, FS  &  Com R P Sahu, GS AIGETOA met ED(NB) and discussed regarding submission of joint committee report on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to the Competent Authority.


After detailed discussions and some modifications/additions/deletions, the Committee report was finalized & signed by both the General Secretaries wherein first time bound promotion on functional basis with change of designation from JTO to SDE & above hierarchy will be available  after every 5 years upto DE level thereafter after 5 years Joint DGM (non-functional) / Regular DGM on availability of DGM posts & subsequently time bound promotion upto NFSG. The benchmark are prescribed as per BSNL MSRR benchmark available. The executives already promoted on functional basis will be en-block senior in the grade. The GM(Estt.) - Official side member- has given the descent note & the comments of GM(EF) - other Committee member- are still awaited. ED(NB) Chairman Committee assured early submission of the report. The Committee report on E2-E3 standard IDA pay scale for JTO & SDE equivalent executives has already been submitted to the Competent Authority for approval. GS SNEA(I) also signed the said joint committee report.


BSNL eyes Rupees 42,000 crores revenue by 2018-19 for turnaround


 << Click for News – Hindu edition >>

11.9.2015  circle office issued new JAO posting order   << click here for copy >>
10.9.2015   Filling of the DE/AGM Posts: GM (Pers.) mentioned that the CPC work is under progress to fill up around 700 vacant DEs posts up to the vacancy year 2014-15. The remaining about 1000 DEs posts against the FY 2015-16 will be filled up simultaneously. The VCRs / ACRs are being collected. The court case on SC/ST roaster is also listed for hearing on 21st September 2015 in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh. He directed AGM (DPC) to process the case of promotions of the left out DEs cases for whom the VCRs are available. AGM (DPC) processed the cases immediately and thereafter GM (Pers.) took the approval of Director (HR) today itself to promote 58 SDEs to DEs on Regular basis. We extend our since thanks to Director (HR), GM (Pers) and their team for prompt action
05.9.2015 CS writes to CGM for appointment to discuss the Biased and indifferent attitude of HR section related with issues raised by AIBSNLEA and violation of transfer policy and L/A policy example wise by Circle administration   << click for copy of letter >>
05.9.2015                                        Rotten apple spoils the barrel

Comrades, It is very unfortunate, that when an authority plays a biased role and make discretion amongst the executive fraternity, by virtue of power conferred by the company to see the welfare of their assets, then only anarchy, chaos will be the result. Best example is DE L/A orders issued on 04/09/2015, one day prior to teacher’s day. Today is 5th September, Teachers Day. It is a right time and occasion to teach the lesson to so called, venerated Expert, Praveen, Guru sit in administration and disturbing the industrial harmony and peace.


Maharashtra Circle has shown  - 6.4% growth. If we introspect we could find that there is a huge unrest amongst the executives due to poor HR. When we tried to focus on it and try to bring these lacunas case by case administration says no individual cases please. The letter was mailed to me as CS AIBSNLEA and without observing the proper channel of communication and by an individual without any covering and approval of authority to do so.

                                           <<< CLICK FOR LETTER >>>


Comrades in recent DE L/A seniors are being deprived and too juniors are enjoying the DE L/A. It is a tradition of Circle Office to make injustice on eligible persons. Com Ladde, Com Dinkar, and so on submitted their willingness to Pune but their juniors were promoted at Pune locally, and seniors were being deprived in the name of saving of TA/DA or anything else?  This is against the rule. We expressed our resentment and the attitude to be punished. There are so many instances where administration has made blunders in dealing HR issues related with transfer and postings of executives. CS writes to CGMT to discuss all the issues.     

                  <<<< Click for letter >>>


Friends, being a holy month of SHRAVAN, it is a customary to tell a story to all members in a family, as the members can understand the moral of story, and develop their personality, approach, and a holistic change to see the things. We remember the story which I heard from my grandmother, which can be narrated as below.


In old days there was a state, (say Maharashtra) and for consecutive three years there was no rain. A famine occurred. Arduous situation, there was no food, no water. All the citizens went to the king for help. King was very Praveen, I mean expert, in handling such situation. He ordered all citizens has to give all the milk and pour it on idol of lord Shiva, and fill up the room by milk and pray the almighty for rain. All citizens follow the instructions but could not fill the room by milk. All citizens went home and collect all the milk and milk kept for kids also they took with themselves by keeping the children starving and pour it in Shivalaya. But Shivalaya remains half filled.  An old grandmother, after feeding to all her grandsons and granddaughters residual a cup of milk, she brought and pours in Shivalaya. Miracle happened. Shivalaya was flooded by milk. Rain started and everybody became happy.


Moral of story,” if you satisfy the family members on priority you will get the results” Maharashtra Circle has shown - 6.4% growth.


Think what is the reason?


Who is responsible?


What should be our course of action?


Who is rotten apple?


Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

 Let us prevent it, with our Unity and struggle


05.9.2015    BSNL Corporate Office issued transfer order of General Managers (Finance).  << click here for copy of order >>  Smt. Marina George, Sr. G.M. (F) of Maharashtra Telecom. Circle has been transferred to Gujarat Circle.  She was instrumental in implementing the ERP in the Circle inspite of many odds.  She was successful in implementing the software and settling the short coming in the system.  She during her period had proved herself as an efficient and strong officer not to bend upon any pressure tactics/black mailing / Zundashay.   She had taken many stern stands for the better financial growth of the Circle.  We take this opportunity to express our best wishes for her new assigned at Gujarat.
05.9.2015    BSNL Corporate Office issued transfer order of C.A.Os. Own request and interest of service.  << click here for copy >> We congratulate Shri Bhaskar for his transfer to his home town on completion of his tenure in Maharashtra Circle.  He was instrumental in settling the medical claims of the executive fraternity of the entire circle and also the HR related issues of Accounts personnels.
05.9.2015    BSNL Corporate Office issued transfer order of A.Os & Sr. A.O. Own request and interest of service.  << click here for copy >>
05.9.2015    Circle office issued D.E. / AGM Looking after as per the new seniority list.  < copy clik here>
02.9.2015    Corporate Office called for vigilance report for the DPC of seniority quota. <<copy >>>>
02.9.2015    Comrades, it is the height of arrogance, and anarchy, chaos, to issue an extension to DE L/A order without time frame for second time. We have also cautioned for the first time but the adamant circle administration ignores the fact and second time circle office issued DE L/a on old seniority is nothing but is a contempt of court order. Circle secretary AIBSNLEA MH Circle repudiate the procrastination and express dissatisfaction towards linseed circle administration and dilly-dallying tactics in issuing DE L/A orders


Comrades, the circle office is pressing hard to SSA heads to relieve the executives whose orders were being issued long back and warned to adhere the instructions strictly.


Brothers and sisters and Friends, kindly recall the web updates of AIBSNLEA MH site some three months back in reference of ITPC issue. CS AIBSNLEA MH has written a letter to CGMT Maharashtra regarding relieving of executives to ITPC.


The stand taken by CGMT MH that, the orders were issued by CO New Delhi without taking consent of CGMT MH and acute shortage of executives cannot be made effective and will not be followed. The same thing is being reciprocated by SSA head now. CGM office should not feel bad as the precedence laid in ITPC issue,  is not to follow higher office order. We have already communicated to CGM and CMD BSNL also through our open letter, such type of incidence will happen in future and lead to chaos.


If we go through the mouth organs of all the associations,  It is experienced that, almost all the executives’ associations are complaining about the working of Staff and HR section of Circle office. In a mouth organ of an association habitual of calling executives by ill epithets as …… less, (shame, use, hope …etc) has also now complaining about the working of staff section at circle office. It means the either head of staff section, or all the executives working in staff section need to be changed. Charity begins at home. We request CGMT MH let us start the SWACHATA ABHIYAN from HR section at circle office.

01.9.2015   Comrades of Maharashtra, off late it is observed, by all the executive fraternity of BSNL Maharashtra circle, that always talking about others, with bad epithets, expressing others with ……..less. Here you can fill in the……with the words USE, HOPE, SHAME, CARE, SENSE, and publishing it on their own moth organ. It is a cheap type of journalism.


It is a well said, “When you exercise your freedom to express yourself at the lowest level, you ultimately condemn yourself to live at the level “


Freedom means exemption from power or control by another. You are free in our society to express our feelings in a  decent manner or free to indulge in criticizing with bad epithets, as CHAMACHA, BANGALI BABA, BLACK MAGIC to our own brothers and sisters in executive fraternity, especially about lady comrades, saying her as using muscle, wealth,  &  ….. , Power with name, practically comes under immoral behavior. Usage of such language becomes habit and then addiction, which means at that point you have given up your freedom and chosen slavery.


Always saying others …. Less, means other will also reciprocate it in same manner.


Comrades, please read out Para 11 f, of transfer policy, reproduced below


For considering executives for tenure posting on transfer, the executives with longest stay in a particular circle would be considered first.  Female executives would also be encouraged to serve in tenure postings. However, posting of unwilling female executives to hard tenure stations would be avoided. Due recognition to female executives, who have served in hard tenure locations, shall be given in their ACRs.


It is written in policy for an office record Unwillingness of Female candidates to be noted and may be excluded for posting in hard tenure. Every lady comrades of BSNL Maharashtra is known to the fact that unless and until, our sisters consents their willingness for hard tenure, it is next to impossible to consider their names for transfer to longest stay.


Kindly recall the stand taken by those about four years back about MTNL stay by the so called born leaders then you will realize their face.


Comrades at the time of absorption there were three choices to the executives working in BSNL/MTNL(derived from DOT )


1) BSNL with 37 a CCS, CCA pension rules with E1 + E2 /2= E1A pay scale to JTO and so on


2) MTNL with 37 pension & E2- JTO, E3- SDE (diff of pension rule)


3) DOT


Prior to 1/10/2000 those who have came from MTNL to BSNL or vice versa, the executives’ scales and pension rule were same.


Comrades changing of SSA  and getting posting at head office for Association is really a good thing but, to recoup the  loss in HRA (due to occupation of staff quarters) from Association, by making resolution passed in CEC by playing with sentiments of common members, can we say it as altruistic ?


Think who is selfish!!!!!!!

31.8.2015    Maharashtra BSNL, Circle office Mumbai, displayed the stay of executives in MTNL Mumbai for correction /omission /deletion for calculation of stay in MH circle after merging the stay in BSNL+ MTNL the list will be send to Corporate office for further disposal.


  <<<<< Click for list >>>>


Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA MH circle requests and appeal to CGMT MH Circle to make detailed enquiry through vigilance cell for colorful Pick and choose policy for getting transferred to NCNGN Circle, at Pune, deletion of name from waiting list of Pune, without approval and from authority and consent from individual, not following of procedures in maintain the waiting list, biased approach in resolving transfer cases, favoritism, ITPC issue, loss to the BSNL by delaying the reliving of executives to ITPC, in general the business and functioning of staff cell related with transfer and posting. Detailed letter follows.

29.8.2015    Circle Secretary Com. A G Joshi along with CHQ office Bearers of Maharashtra Com. C.M. Saste, OS (W), Com. K. P. Nair, AGS and Com. K A Mohire, Circle President and other CWC members attended the CWC meeting held on 25.8.2015 and 26.08.2015 at Kolkata.  A Joint Open Session of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was held on 25.8.2015 wherein CMD BSNL, Director (CFA), BSNL, Sr. G.M. (SR), BSNL Corporate office were attended and addressed the session besides the CGMs and G.Ms stationed at Kolkata and other trader union / association leaders.

Com. A G Joshi addressed the CWC and presented the report of the Circle.  He being the Vice President, CHQ has also presided over the CWC during the absence of President.

Com. C.M. Saste presented the report on the organisational matters of CHQ and Com. K.P. Nair presented the report on the pending issues of the PA /PS cadre, its status and steps taken by the CHQ.  He has assured to look into the case of recent clarification order of PA/PS cadre issued by the corporate office.

20.8.2015      Comrades, An officer whose transfer order is issued from MH Circle to NCNGN on 17/8/15 has applied to RTTC Pune, and his application is forwarded by GM Nashik with substitute to CO Mumbai for RTTC Pune.


Based on his request in month of August 14 his waiting list was taken at sr no 5 to Pune in a register of waiting list with in Maharashtra, and then conveniently shifted for deputation to NCNGN without mentioning his request to RTTC Pune by the AD staff B at CO Mumbai. The chain of proposal is as below


SDE staff B--- AGM staff---direct Add GM HR--- Sr GM HR/A and discussed this issue with CGM over phone (who is on tour to Amaravati) on 30/9/14. All this file movement is within ONE DAY ONLY that is on 30/9/14 what a prompt action!!! If such type of action if it is initiated then  ACCHE DIN …..HAi. Interesting fact is that in above chain DGM staff was dropped as may be ODD MAN OUT.


4) As per the guide lines over deputation without TA /DA, the order must be for specific days, but here there is no mention of specific period.


5) Name of Shri Gaikar was deleted from the waiting list to Pune by AD staff B without approval of competent authority. Shri Gaikar has applied for Pune in the month of April 14 and his name was not in first 100 top long stay list, and even though he was transferred to Jalgaon in one to one transfer against the court decision.


6) Changing the willingness from RTTC to NCNGN in file and processing of file on that matter leads to the suspect about the creditability and trustworthiness and transparency in the minds of executives, about working of circle administration. We feel all these acts are time extravagance and making unbounded loss and detrimental, pernicious to the development of bond between administrations and executives as well as to the growth of BSNL


We demand a detailed administrative/ Vigilance Inquiry as deems fit to be initiated


                        <<<<< Click here for CS Letter to CGM MH >>>>.



PERIOD OF OFFICIATING SPELL IS 06/07/15 to 01/01/16 and their pay will be fixed as below


"Pay of the officials who were members of BSNL Officers Association on 06/05/2010 i.e. Date on which OA No. 128212010 was filed before Hon'ble Principal Bench, may be fixed under FR-22(l)(a)(i) subject to the terms & conditions laid down in BSNL Corporate Office letters No.3-8/2010/pers-IV dated 30104/2013,0110112014 and 16104/2014 already endorsed by this office. The pay of those officials who were not member of BSNL Officers Association on 06/05/2010 may be fixed under FR-35"


                                        <<<< Click here for Order >>>>.


BSNL Corporate office issued clarification in respect of Implementation of policy guidelines issued by BSNL C.O. in respect of PA/PS of BSNL field units.


 <<<Click here for order>>>>




BSNL CO has called for certified copies of ACR/APAR in respect of 56 executives under consideration for promotion to EE (E) grade. Out of 56 officers 16 are from Maharashtra circle


<<< Click for letter >>>


17.8.2015      Necromancy  …. Leading towards anarchy……..


Comrades, since last week C S AIBSNLEA MH and Com Saste C M OS (W) were camped at AIBSNLEA HQ at Delhi, for Association work. Since long back we were in forage for the character who was made famous in a series of daily soap episodes over the ITPC issue, retention issue of executives at Pune, having epithet as CHAMACHA, muscle / money power giant, as a black magician,….baba, messiah who keeps the capacity to change the orders, and go on the rampage in so called smooth functioning of Maharashtra BSNL Circle administration as per the script written and published in the mouth organ of the association. We could not find such personality at Delhi, but let me tell you we feel, the existence of that personality at BSNL Maharashtra Circle, doing all such activities, behind the curtain. It is a well known proverb when we are pointing towards others three fingers pointing towards us


Comrade, take the ITPC Case


1)  Corporate office called willingness from the Executives to work at ITPC Pune   and asked to send on the corporate office mail id


2)  Corporate office called the remarks from CGMT MH and CGM ITPC on the received willingness request.


3)  CGM ITPC after going through the list submitted by corporate office with remarks and recommendation sent to corporate office for further disposal within stipulated period.


4)  CGMT MH circle could not find time may be due to busy schedule even after three reminders from corporate office not sent the list with remarks to corporate office


5) ITPC was paying rupees one lack per outsourced person for twelve person amounting twelve lack per month for getting their work done, hence to save such an big amount, ITPC was being in badly need of BSNL executives.


6)  Corporate Office issued transfer orders for 12 executives, to ITPC Pune.


Comrade here the conceit sprouted. Here first time we experienced the presence conjurer with magic wand. Necromancy starts working.


7) Questions were raised about the correctness of list, its authenticity, and story of shortage of executives take the shape and lead the situation in a very entertaining manner, columns to columns, and pages to pages.


8) CGMT MH Circle administration called options from executives for ITPC by their own separately under the influence of ……Baba (Praveen, I mean, Expert and well conversant in transfer and posting) available here itself. The basic condition was that all applications must be through proper channel.


Comrade, see the fun, as per the information received under RTI Act, more than 20 and odd applications received at circle office, out of that 9 applications were shortlisted as per N/S 3 without file number dated 31/3/15. The short listing was done as per the criteria mentioned below


Less than 15 years of service (conveniently SSA or MH circle not mentioned)


Having knowledge of computer etc (etc means what?) please understand.


Name of Officer is not figure in top 5of long stay of SSA/Circle


Another remark in note sheet that one per SSA executive was recommended up to DGM(HR) and at The above level one Name of Shri Bavaskar from Pune TD which is at serial No 1 was deleted and  name of shri Manish bhatnagar at serial no 5 being working at tenure station hence dropped and at serial no 7 the name of Shri Sakharekar was barred as working in Pune mobile and at serial no 9 the name of Shri. Degaovkar was also dropped as he is working in Pune mobile and the in between name of Shri Fernandez at serial no 8 was included by the authority by passing the Sr No1, 5 and 7  all this process is available at 4/c


Please think Comrades


All above applications were not forwarded through proper channel and only one application of Shri Thorat from Jalgaon was forwarded that also through proper substitute.


The order issued by corporate office for 12 executives was sent back to corporate by MH circle on the plea of shortage and their application were not being sent through proper channel. Here exactly 180 degree U turns even though the applications are not through proper channel their names were also been sent to corporate office for issue of the order. The oral approval of CGMT MH was taken by Circle office for sending the names to corporate office, as CGMT MH was on tour to Amaravati and covering approval was taken as the same as replica for reliving of SDE to ITPC in the last December 14 and by sms. This SMS funda was nomenclature as chamachegiri in that publication of the other Association mouth organ then what is the nomenclature we should name for this act?


 So another contradiction in this note sheet is that this is linked up with letters of corporate office received for the first order of 12 executives and say of MH circle as acute shortage of executives in response to these letters.


Keeping this process lingering for near about 8/9 months the ITPC Pune has no any alternative to keep their work on outsourcing and incurring expenditure to the tune of 1 CRORE. It is nothing but a loss to the BSNL


Think Comrades.


Comrades, if we see it is very difficult task to get the requested SSA /Station in time, but an interesting story in case of a SDE who is custodian of an Associations’ constitution requested in the month of August 14 from a station to RTTC Pune, (after Com Gaikar Bhausaheb SDE application to Pune.)  SSA head forwarded with substitute the application of the chief custodian to circle office. It was quite natural to get Pune was a difficult job, the messiah a character,  as made famous by in the story, who used to use a colorful use of chair and exhibits the magic wand wizard and willingness converted from RTTC to NCNGN Circle and deleting the name of Gaikar and issuing deputation order without calling volunteers and today his order is issued to NCNGN Circle by corporate office neglecting deleting in un authorize way the Gaikar request for medical treatment of his Sun at Pune. We demand a detailed departmental/vigilance inquiry as deems fit.


                         <<<<< Click here for letter to CGMT MH CIRCLE >>>>


Name of beneficiary:      M/S AIBSNLEA MH CIRCLE
Accounts No             :      369102010810480
IFSC code                  :      UBIN0536911
Name of Bank           :      Union Bank of India
Branch Name            :     Juhu Tara, Mumbai
Branch code             :      536911
MIXR code                 :      400026054
Type of Account      :      SB General


Condolence News: CHQ President Com. P. Venugopal lost his mother yesterday night. AIBSNLEA MH CIRCLE convey heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.
17.8.2015 BSNL Corporate Office SEA section of Finance wing has called detailed information and stay particulars of STS and JAG level staff details in excel sheet for administrative reasons

11.8.2015  Comrades see the contradiction in the stand taken by circle administration in the issue of calling options for DE L/A and the calling options for ITPC by corporate. Circle office is very much PRAVEEN,  I mean expert in changing their stand as per situation and as per their whims and fancy.


For ITPC issue Circle administration pleaded with corporate office, and taken a stiff stand that these willingness were  called by corporate office directly without circle office consent and now for calling DE L/A circle office change their stand in 180 degree and well defined tested operated in past Praveen (expert) theory of GHUM JAAO again adopted and now without consent of SSA head CO Mumbai also called options from executives directly on email id.


What will be the situation if any SSA head took the stand that these willingness are not submitted through me hence I will not relieve these executive to other SSA, just imagine, it will lead to anarchy in the Circle Organisation BSNL.   <<CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF EXECUTIVES >>


CS writes to CGMT MH on the issue <<<< Click for letter >>>


10.8.2015  BSNL corporate office issued orders on EPF implementation << click for copy >>
10.8.2015  CS Request to all DSs to submit information on or before 21/08/15 in the enclosed formats:  << REPORT FORMAT  >>    <<<< ANNEXURE >>>>


10.8.2015  Circle office bearers meeting and zonal meeting of AIBSNLEA MH Circle at Osmanabad held on 09/08/2015


Circle office bearers meeting and zonal meeting of AIBSNLEA MH Circle was held on Sunday, 9/08/2015 at 10:00 hrs at HOTEL MEGH MALHAR Near Bus Stand, Osmanabad Com K.A.Mohire Circle President presided over this Conference.


Conference was started exactly at 10:00 hrs, with the inspirational song “Itani Shakti Hame dena Data… “by Com Kokil sir chorused by all members with pre recorded Music track keep the conference at its peak. After formation of dais, the host Osmanabad SSA branch welcome all the dignitaries on dais, COB members, CWC members, DS/DPs of Nanded, Latur, Beed, Osmanabad,  Sholapur, Satara, Kolhapur, and Shri Eknath TDM Osmanabad and founder member of AIBSNLEA in Marathwada Area and invitees by Bouquets and Maa Tuljabhavani  Photo frame as a Memento. Two minutes silence was observed for departed comrades and pay homage to Late Ex. President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Sir.


Com. K.A. Mohire,  Circle President AIBSNLEA MH Circle: Com. K.A.Mohire in his opening remarks ,express the need of Unity, and appeal to comrades to work hard to save BSNL, and touched all the issues in brief about the development of BSNL, Financial viability, Hr matters of Finance wing of Maharashtra.


Com. A.G.Joshi, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA MH Circle:Com A.G.Joshi, gave a detailed report about the activities of AIBSNLEA MH Circle for the period of 3rd June 15 to 08th August 15.He elaborately explained the Indifferent attitude of Circle administration towards point and issues raised by AIBSNLEA  MH circle. ITPC issue, Request transfers, transfers above 58 years of age, Rule 8 transfers, biased view of administration, and anarchy and lethargy Inherited in circle as well as in SSA administrative functioning put before the  August  House. Issue of joining of Com Kulkarni from Raigad and the controversial Statement, made by GM (A) Pune and DGM (A),and reciprocates action by  Association, and    GHOOM  JAAO    policy by Pune administration was also  reported by CS, and congratulates the DS Pune and his team and CHQ and Circle  office bearers At Pune for their sterling performance and raising their voice  against the injustice and timely action.


Com. C.M.Saste Org. Secretary (West) AIBSNLEA CHQ: Com. C.M.Saste, elaborately discussed all CHQ issues, DPC progression in all Faculties and disciplines. Appraise the house about the activities at CHQ level and Addressed the house what type of strategy to be adopted to tackle such issues  with Circle Administration. Being a KRANTI DIN he appealed to house to unite  and make revolution in the  BSNL and work hard for survival of BSNL


Com Pophale ACS, and Com A.A.Kulkarni, ACS Ghotane OS, Com Sanju Khandare: OS, Com Kalgude OS appraised the house about ITPC issue in Detail, and appeal  the house to make a resolution against the Circle Admin, and express their views  on pending issues at Circle/CHQ level.


S.S.Bhosale ACS, Com Thorat AFS, Com: Kokate FS, AIBSNLEA MH, Com. V.N. Patil, Com Bagul, CEC members expressed  their views and appeal to members to pay Circle/CHQ quota regularly, and  Express their thanks to Circle/CHQ leaders, for resolving JAO 2010 batch option  issue and amicable settlement of Degree/diploma issue for Promotion to EE (C/E).


Com Mrs. Bharati, and Com Nayana Potdar madam also expressed their views and opinion and appeal to all to strengthen AIBSNLEA.Com Malborgaonkar  D.S.Nanded, Com Wadgane D.S.Osmanabad, Com.Solapurkar ADS Sholapur Com R N Bhosale D.S.Sholapur, Com Gapat, ADS,Com Ekbote, Com Munde, Com Hunge  from Beed, Com Suryawanshi, D.S.Latur, Com R G Kulkarni, DS Satara narrated the problems of HR and development.


A nice and delicious lunch was served by the host branch. After lunch House assembled at 14:45 Hrs , and interactive session started.  Members of nearby branches took active part in deliberations and all doubts and quires were cleared by CS and OS (W) and president. Main Point of discussion was recent transfers in account wing and transfers in engineering side. It is decided that a draft policy for Finance wing will be prepared and will be submitted to Sr. GM (F). Vote of thanks was given by Com Wadgane  DS Osmanabad. Meeting was concluded at 18:30 Hrs with Rashtra GEET by B D KOKIL and all. The Whole Event was nicely and gracefully anchored by Com Mrs. Telkar. AD(OL)

<<PHOTO-1>>     <<PHOTO-2>>    <<PHOTO-3>>    << PHOTO-4>>      <<PHOTO-5>>


6.8.2015   Media News:  cabinet approval  for tower subsidy company  < click here for news >>

Corporate Office issued order of retention of DE /AGM <click for copy of order >>

Corporate Office issued letter regarding Co-ordination with CCA for GPF issue <click opy of order >>

3.8.2015  Dept. of Pension issues order for Pension Revision for pensioners  prior to 2006 << copy >>

3.8.2015 Parliamentary panel pitches for regulations for mobile towers

By PTI | 2 Aug, 2015, 11.25AM IST


NEW DELHI: Observing that Indians are more "vulnerable and prone" to Electro-magnetic Radiation than Europeans, a Parliamentary panel has recommended the need for a comprehensive study to establish risk levels and adverse health effects of EMR from cell phone towers. 

A department-related Parliamentary standing committee on Science and Technology and 
Environment and Forests has urged the Department of Telecommunications to consider framing suitable regulations regarding the location and inspection of mobile towers. The committee also took note of the various reports and studies and felt that unrestricted setting up of mobile towers and antennas in cities and smaller towns resulted in a "concentrated" effect. "The committee recommends that the department of telecommunications consider framing suitable regulations and guidelines regarding the location and inspection of mobile towers," the committee chaired by former Union Minister Ashwani Kumar said in its report. It also said the number of qualified inspectors to carry out inspections to check the effects of EMR from cell towers should be increased."The committee is aware that Indians are more vulnerable and prone to risk from radiation as compared to European countries because of their low body mass index and low fat content. "The committee recommends that comprehensive scientific studies need to be undertaken to conclusively establish the level of risk and adverse health effects of EMR of cell towers," it said.

It said the committee currently working on the issue be directed to expedite its report which should be given within a stipulated time frame. The panel also said the recommendations of the expert committee constituted to study the impact of mobile towers on birds and bees should be implemented so that the harmful effects of EMR on birds, bees, insects and others may be minimized. The committee took note of the supervision by Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring (TERM) cells to ensure compliance of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) guidelines. "The committee recommends that apart from self-certification, random checking and inspection reports should be made public so that public at large is aware of the issue. “Stringent penalties for violation of norms and guidelines be prescribed and these should go beyond fiscal penalties," the committee said. The committee observed that the effects of electromagnetic radiation on health of human beings, animals, birds, honeybees through radiation from mobile phone towers is a matter of concern and intense public discourse. The committee feels that the issues arising there from needed to be "flagged".

31.7.2015 CS notified the Circle office bearers meeting at Osmanabad on 9.8.2015  << click for notice>>
31.7.2015 CS writes to CGMT MH Circle to apply the same logic applied in case of dealing the ITPC issue, the same logic to the single order (to relieve an executive) issued by corporate office for NCNGN Circle, and deliver the message of being impartial through the act as  well as to the 5 SDEs whose orders are issued to ITPC as their applications are either not through proper channel or recommended without substitute. <<<< Click for letter >>>.


Corporate office called for APARS/VC from the executives controlling authorities as a preparatory work for DPC for promotion of SDE (E) to EE (E) Adhoc/Regular. Due to consistent persuasions with administration by AIBSNLEA CHQ, the hurdle of Degree/Diploma issue get resolved and pave the way for promotion.


                 <<<Letter for calling APAR >>>          <<< List for APARs >>>

                 <<<Letter for calling VCs >>>               <<< List for VC  >>>


PERMISSION TO be given within 21 days FOR GOING ABROAD


'It may be ensured that the decisions are conveyed to the Government servants within 21 days of receipt of complete application to the competent authority. Any lacunae in the application should be brought to the notice of the Government servant within one week of the receipt of the application. In the event of failure on the part of the competent authority to communicate its decision to the Government employee concerned within 21 days of receipt of the application, the employee concerned shall be free to assume that permission has been granted to him.


                                      <<<<< CLICK FOR LETTER >>>>

30.7.2015   CIRCLE OFFICE ISSUED LIST OF I.Qs & HOLIDAY HOMES with contact numbers of booking.  << click here for letter >>>
29.7.2015   Due to our efforts and persuasion Circle office has modified the transfer and posting orders of Accounts Officers.  << click here for copy >>

28.7.2015   Shri Ram Sevak Sharma ---- New Chairman of the TRAI-- 1978 batch IAS officer, of the Jharkhand cadre, Shri Ram Sevak Sharma has been selected as the next Chairman of the TRAI. Presently, he is working as the Secretary of the Information Technology department.  The earlier chairman of the TRAI, Rahul Khullar, who took many key decisions in favor of the private operators, retired in May,2015. The new chairman, shri Ram Sevak Sharma, had earlier worked in the UIDAI project, and is said to have played a key role in bringing the 'Aadhaar Card' scheme operational in a record time.


The long pending issue of Non-Executive employees. For 'Change of Designations' is settled in today's meeting.


Old Designation:-                          New Designation


1)  Regular Mazdoor                     Telecom Assistant.


2)  Telecom Mechanic                  Telecom Technician


3)  TTAs                                         Junior Engineer.


4)  Sr.TOAs in NE11 &

    NE12 pay scales                      Office Superintendent. 


5) Other Sr.TOAs                         Office Associate.




28.7.2015  Congratulations!   Congratulations!    Congratulations!         Congratulations!

BSNL has launched on line education service (www.bsnleclass.com) today 25/07/15 in Maharashtra and Goa circle. At the auspicious hands of SHIVSENA CHIEF Hon’ble, Shri UDDHAVJI  THACKERAY at Mumbai.


                                        <<<Click for Press release >>>


Monthly staff strength of JTO/SDE/DE for JUNE 15 Of Maharashtra Circle


In agenda point meeting held with CGMT MH Circle at Mumbai on 23/06/15 it is agreed by administration as per our demand to display the list of staff strength on intranet Portal

<<<<  click  for Staff Strength >>>


Corporate Office issued the order for promotion to grade of Chief Engineer (CIVIL) for following Officers   

 <<<<<  click for orders >>>.




CS writes to CGMT, MH Circle regarding transfer of various executives << click for copy >>

 CS writes to GM (F), MH Circle regarding transfer of various Accounts Personnel's  << click for copy >>

CS writes to GM (HR &A) for issue of D.E. Looking after as per Court Judgement <<< click for letter>>


24.07.2015:  Repatriation of ITS officers: DoT  vide letter number A-11013/7/2013-Abs. Cell has issued orders for repatriation of 100 ITS officers deployed in BSNL back to DoT. These officers are directed to report to Principal CCA/ CCA <<<Click here for letter>>>
24.07.2015 CHQ NEWS: Congratulations! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released order  regarding pay fixation of JAOs(Deptl)(40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives' Wage revision orders dated 7.5.2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.201 <<<Click here for order>>>
23.07.2015 CHQ NEWS: BSNL CO CALLED APARs for all SDEs/Adhoc DEs in listNo 5 &6 for OC &SC &list No7 for STs


Initially, the APARS of all working SDEs / DE (Adhoc) listed in seniority list 5 & 6 for OC & SC category and from seniority list no. 7 for ST category officers, may be forwarded before 15-08-2015 in the enclosed format mentioned in the annexure - A (in hard copy as well as soft copy in excel format) along with grading duly checked and signed by the officer of the rank not below the DGM. Soft copy also may be mailed to dpcagm@gmail.com you are, therefore, requested to issue suitable directions / instructions to all the -concerned officers / authorities and fie1d units for strictly adhered to the time scheduled prescribed for smooth conduction of DPCs for promotion to AGM/DE(T) on regular basis. This has got the approval of competent authority Name and other contact details of CS to DIR (HR) is mentioned below


Sh. PSV Rama Rao , AGM DPC  011-23037657, FAX - 23326546 Mail - dpcagm@gmail.com



Subject: Implementation of Hon'ble CAT, PB, New Delhi's judgment in OA No. 3883/2014, MA No.3364/2014 and MA MA No. 2265/2014 - Fixation of pay under FR-22(1)(a)(i) to the members of AIBSNLEA (Applicant No.1)


AIBSNLEA CHQ has received the list of members of officiating JTOs from 1. Andhra Pradesh Circle, 2, Karnataka Circle, 3. Kolkata TD, 4. Madhya Pradesh Circle and 5, Gujarat Circles only. These lists have been submitted to the BSNL Management. BSNL Management in turn vide letter number 3-8/2010-Estt-IV (Pt.) dated 16.07.2015 has asked to arrange for the documentary proof with regard to the membership of AIBSNLEA for all the circles along with consolidated list of concerned members of AIBSNLEA. 


                                             <<Click here for letter>>>


In this regard all the District/ Branch Secretaries of AIBSNLEA MH Circle are requested to immediately (latest by 27th July 2015) send the list of AIBSNLEA members of officiating JTOs   on email id  jarun63@gmail.com with scan copy of membership filled form and scan copy of paid subscription receipt of concerned SSA for further submission to the BSNL Management to produce before the Hon'ble PB, CAT



GS met GM (A), BSNL CO and discussed regarding:


Mobile Data / GPRS service to BSNL executives: We expressed our concern against delay in issuing the orders for providing Data / GPRS on service mobile connections of BSNL executives despite the directions given by CMD, BSNL. GM (A) mentioned that the proposal was processed to the concern sections of BSBNL Corporate Office wherein Internal Finance has given clearance mentioning no additional financial implications and now he will discuss the matter with Director (CM) shortly for approval. He assured an early action in this regard.


Disconnection of Service Telephone connections of BSNL executives in MTNL area: We expressed our concern against the disconnection of Service Telephone connections of BSNL executives in MTNL area against non-payment. GM (A) mentioned that recently Director (HR) has personally discussed the matter with Director (Finance) MTNL to resolve the issue accordingly today itself concerned BSNL officers had a meeting with Director (Finance), MTNL and other concerned officers of MTNL. But, still MTNL Management is impressing upon to release the payment of telephone bills of BSNL Corporate Office amounting to about Six Crores immediately. Thereafter only NCR area cases may be discussed. BSNL is trying to resolve the issue in lieu of the service being provided by BSNL to MTNL staff in NCR area/Mumbai. However, he assured an early solution in this regard.   

Free calls to pensioners in their concessional telephones should be regularized as per BSNL CO order no 2-7 /2007- PHA dt 12-07-2007 which should be 500+220 free calls (as presently allowed to ordinary subscribers as free calls)  instead of 500 +50  calls (as was allowed to ordinary subscribers as free calls earlier) and Extension of night calling facility to concessional phones to pensioners and also service connection to employees: On both the above issues GM (A) informed that matter is under consideration and as per the earlier letters of this Association proposal has been mooted to the competent authority for consideration and approval. He assured an early decision in this regard.


Forum of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA submitted the letter on remaining HR issues.


                                       <<<Click here for letter>>>




Message from DIRECTOR (HR)

Director (HR) says, BSNL is a man power rich company and it is very difficult to expect the company to turn around unless each and every employee makes a commitment to deliver output and hard work for development of BSNL and in terms of real earnings and cash flow.  <<< CLICK FOR MESSAGE >>>


Shri P K S Barapatre SE ( C ) transferred  from Guwahatti and posted at Nagpur as SE (C ) after completion of tenure.  <<< Click for Order >>>


VCs and APAR/CRs called for Promotion to the cader of EE ( C ) from SDE (C )

<<<<< Click List for VCs >>>>

<<< Click list for APARs >>>.

20.07.2015  Off late it is observed and witnessed by all comrades of BSNL Maharashtra that, the full month of JUNE is of transfers in Executive fraternity in both engineering and finance wing. So called expertise on the subject made their website colorful gleam on the issues of transfer in a very savory manner. Repeating the same story, with same wording in a repetitive spicy manner exhibits their mercurial attitude towards the core issue and they themselves will be locked in maze, labyrinth created by their own. ……….Cont read…….   EDITORIAL JUNE 15


Members of the Core Committee met Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, DOT today, and ascertained the steps taken by the DOT on the important demands of the Forum, with regards to the revival of BSNL. GS AIBSNLEA being the member of core committee attended the meeting.


(1)   Payment of Rs.1250 crore to BSNL as subsidy from USO Fund: The Secretary, DOT informed that the Telecom Commission has already approved this and now it will go for the approval of the Cabinet.  


(2)   78.2% IDA merger to the pensioners: It was brought to the notice of the Secretary, DoT that the Department of Expenditure has not so far sent its comments on the Cabinet note. The Secretary, DOT directed the Member (Finance) to send a letter to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure immediately in this regard. He also assured that the Note will be sent to the Cabinet expeditiously.


(3)   Refund of BWA spectrum charges: The Core Committee members expressed their concern on the delay in getting the refund of BWA spectrum charges. The Secretary, DOT replied that the issue is being taken up with the Finance Ministry, by the Hon'ble, Minister of Communications. (Subsequently the Core Committee members came to know that an amount of Rs.830 crores will be refunded to BSNL, being the License Fee paid by the Company in 2013-14.).


(4)   Calculation of pension contribution: It was pointed out to the Secretary, DOT that this demand is not yet settled and that pension contribution is s till being calculated on the maximum of the pay scale, instead of on the basic pay. The Secretary replied that it would be looked into. 


(5)   Transfer of assets: It was pointed out to the Secretary that not much development has taken place on this issue, since the discussion that took place on 01.05.2015. The Core Committee members also complaint that the DoT is taking over BSNL's buildings and lands in many places. They also demanded all needful steps should be taken for the immediate transfer of entire assets to BSNL. Secretary, DOT assured needful would be done. 


(6)   Repayment of salary paid to the employees deputed to Term Cell: The Core Committee members told the Secretary that the salary paid by BSNL, to the employees deputed to the Term Cell, is not yet refunded by the DOT. Secretary, DoT assured needful would be done.


(7)   Merger of BSNL and MTNL: On this issue the Secretary, DOT said that a final decision will be taken only by the Government.

17.07.2015   C H Q NEWS:Congratulations! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released order regarding  educational qualification for promotion to the grade of EE (Civil/Electrical) - Degree in Engineering and its equivalence in note 2 under Schedule IB of BSNL MSRR-2009     <<<Click here for letter>>>. AIBSNLEA was continuously trying to ensure the Diploma qualification to JTOs/SDEs (Civil/Electrical/Arch. engineering wing) are allowed to get promotion to the grade of EE(Civil/Electrical/Arch.), finally achieved the goal.


We are extremely thankful to CMD BSNL, Director(HR), PGM(BW), PGM(EW), PGM(Arch.), Sr. GM(Legal), GM(Pers.), DGM(Pers.) and all the concerned officers who helped in settling the issue. We also congratulate our CHQ and especially our Com P RAI. GS AIBSNLEA for continuous chasing the issue at different platforms for getting desired results.


AIBSNLEA will ensure to get expedite CPCs to fill up vacant EE(Civil/Electrical/Arch.) (Arround-240=>EE(C)=140 and EE(E)=100)  posts immediately.


This is the outcome of our latest meeting with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) held on 13th July, 2015 & in today's meeting Director(HR) directed GM(Pers.) to issue order immediately.


13.07.2015  HATS-OFF TO OUR TEAM :  Our Com. has taken efforts to finalise Form 16 of all BSNL Maharashtra Circle Executives / Non-executives and submitted the data to IT unit of MH Circle for uploding the same on  Maharashtra Intranet.

Finally form 16 for 14-15 are to be made available on MH intranet.

This is the fist year wherein  HCM team has independently  generated form 16 through ERP . Last year HCL had  done it for MH circle .  However  it was  informed that lot of issues  were faced in generating
form 16 through SAP ERP.  HQ has not been able to provide proper and correct solution for these form 16  SAP ERP Issues  .   All these were  informed by CAO HCM to Delhi HQ, SR GM(F) and to CGM MH circle in prompt way.

Inspite of these, Com JAO  Ganesh Pawar  and  Com AO H K Joshi  put in extra hours and extra efforts along with help of ERP migration team and  they managed to  overcome all issues faced in their own way .

It  seems this is the first lot which covers almost all  95% of  employees currently working in  MH circle  except transfer in and out cases, for which the second lot should be made available soon.

The link in MH intranet contains  part A and Part B details of Form 16 for FY2014-15 

13.07.2015   CS writes of CGM regarding request transfer and other issues  << click for copy >>
13.07.2015   CS writes of GM  (F) regarding request transfer and other issues  << click for copy >>
13.07.2015   Circle office issued appointment  order of DR JTOs.  << click for copy >>
13.07.2015  BSNL Corporate Office issued vacancy position of JAOs  << click for copy >>>
09.07.2015  CHQ NEWS: 

1) Congratulations! Smt. Sujata T. Ray, ED(Finance), BSNL is appointed as Director(HR), BSNL Board for a period of five years. Our Heartiest congratulations and full support. .<<<Click Here for letter>>>

2) Preparatory work for DPC for promotion to SDE{T) cadre under seniority quota is in process. The same could not be materialized till date due to litigation on the promotion process. As being limit of time bound all VCs status is Expired. All CGMs are requested fresh VCs for all eligible candidates circulated vide AIEL dated on 2O.O2,2O15 to this office latest by 27.07.2015.

The soft copy may be sent on the following e-mail address     agmpers2@gmail.com   <<<Click here for letter>>>>

3) List of holidays  FOR YEAR 2016   <<<Click here for letter>>>>

08.07.2015Organizational Action programs deferred for six months: 


Three days nationwide hunger fast called by the united forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was observed successfully all over India on first day. Executives from the nook and corner of the country participated actively and shown overwhelming support to make the programs a grand success.

Realizing the gravity and strength of the agitation, four rounds of talks were held with Senior GM (SR), GM (Pers), Director (HR) and CMD BSNL with the representatives of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. Considering our demands and acknowledging the genuineness of the issues raised and the subsequent resentment and unrest amongst the executives, BSNL management informed us that they have deferred the internal and external MT exam for six months. We insisted that since the discussion on CPSU hierarchy is going on in the committee headed by ED (NB), any discussion on the requirement of any fast track mechanism within internal candidates should be held thereafter and MT in any form is not acceptable to us. We also pleaded with management to inform the timeline for resolution and progress on other pending HR issues discussed with Director (HR). Director (HR) appreciated our concern and directed Senior GM (SR) to issue a letter in line with the discussions.

Thereafter, CMD BSNL assured that he has been personally monitoring the developments and he is aware of the commitment given by HR wing. He further reaffirmed his commitment for resolution of the NO MT issue raised by the forum and resolution of other HR issues in a time bound manner. He also assured us that an agenda meeting with United Forum shall be held on Monday, the 13th July 2015 for his review of the HR issues. CMD BSNL emphasized on the need for exercising restraint and patience in view of the formalities associated with the matter. He also asked us to concentrate on the viability of the BSNL and making the recently launched schemes popular i.e. free night calling and free roaming and to provide quality services to the customers. We assured our fullest cooperation in his endeavor to turn around BSNL and to achieve its pristine glory.

Com GS, President AIBSNEA and President, AGS AIGETOA attended all the meetings with the management and also addressed the meeting during hunger fast at BSNL CO, New Delhi.

In response to the positive gesture shown by the BSNL management particularly CMD BSNL, forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA has decided to defer the ongoing agitation program for six months. Though, some break through has been achieved but final outcome is awaited. We sincerely hope that management will honor its commitment for implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and resolution of pending HR issues in a time bound manner failing which we all should keep ourselves ready for resuming the deferred agitation program. At this juncture, we request all the members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA and other executives who supported the program, to resume their duties immediately and to concentrate for the growth of BSNL. We extend our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all the office bearers, esteemed members and well-wishers for their overwhelming support to the agitation program.

<<<Click here for the letter of deferment of UF to SR Cell>>>>


<<<<Click here for the Appeal of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office-Letter-1 >>>>


<<<<Click here for the Appeal of SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office-letter-2>>>>


03.07.2015 : Comrades.
Waiting list of request transfers published by Circle office omission/deletion/correction/correctness, plcheck and intimate to circle office as well as to me also to keep watch on impartial 
It is observed that, the list is not prepared as per date of application of you pl check it thoroughly. Name of Shri U P Mishra JTO kalyan , since long back was not included in wl but when we raise the voice his name is included.  

 <<JTO>>   <<SDE>>  <<DE>>

03.07.2015 :                                                          Appeal

- The MT recruitment process must be withdrawn to provide smooth career progression to the JTO/JAO  and SDE/AO equivalent executives in BSNL.


- The uncertainty created on settlement of the HR issues due to introduced hurdle of Remuneration Committee must be avoided and all the HR issues cleared by the BSNL Management Committee should be approved by the BSNL Board instead of sending to Board’s Remuneration Committee.


Guidelines for the proposed Relay Hunger Fast from 07th July 2015 to 09th July 2015:

·      All members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA should participate in the Hunger Fast Program dividing themselves into 3 batches for 3 days. Unwell members should also participate, however, may be for a lesser period.

·      Hunger Fast should start at 10.00 hrs and continue up to 18.00 hrs. All the participants must take their seat by 1000 hrs availing casual leave for the day and must not leave the place except for natures call.

·      The participants may take only drinking water if required and nothing else (tea, biscuit etc) during the period of the Fast.

·     Other members, who are not sitting for the Hunger Fast on that day, must attend the camp during lunch hours for demonstration. Remember that they are also on “Work According to Rule” Program hence their full concentration should be towards the agitation only and nowhere else.

·      Use of mobile phones should be minimum and only for urgent cause. Attending official calls sitting at the “Hunger Fast” place must be avoided.

·      Decorate the “Hunger Fast” suitably by banners and posters displaying the demands and the deprivations.

·      Remember future of the executives is depending on successful implementation of the agitation program.




MT recruitment in E-3 grade will become the bottle neck in the career prospects of the BSNL Gr. B level executives in the similar manner which we have experienced in the DoT era wherein one direct recruit JTO having qualification of BSc /BE Ist Division could get only one / two promotions in his entire service career. In DoT set up we fought decades together for the removal of the bottle neck i.e. Junior Time Scale ( i.e. ADET / ACAO / AEE) recruitment from the career prospects of Gr. B level officers. Through this JTS recruitment  process 826 JTS (ADET) posts were being filled up by 50% from UPSC and 50% from SDEs on seniority quota. The recruitment through UPSC on year to year basis was continuing in DoT till 2001 but the DPCs from SDE (T) to ADET through UPSC were not being conducted six / seven years hence, SDEs (T) were retiring as DE (Adhoc) only. Similar will be the situation in BSNL, where MTs will occupy all JAG/SAG/HAG equivalent post and the JTO/JAO will retires as DE/CAO only. Hence, MT recruitment will block the career prospects of BSNL executives through normal channel of promotions and create a cadre war.

BSNL management is not filling up the vacant JAG/ STS / Gr.B equivalent post in all disciplines on the pretext of court cases or amendment in BSNL MSRR  and every month our executives are retiring without getting their due promotions. Also many cadre's related issues are not being settled with an indifferent attitude.

Through our struggle, the ulterior motive of BSNL Management has to be defeated to safe guard the future of  executives in BSNL. This is a very serious struggle for DO or DIE.

02.07.2015CS writes to CGM MH  and request to review the designated area for Agitation/Dharna/ Demonstration at C.O. Mumbai. <<click here for letter>> <<photo1>> <<photo2>> <<photo3>>